Our story – Zamat

Our story

Our Mission

Established in 2017, ZAMAT began with a normal memory foam pillow and some other essentials like travel pillows. It is in 2018 when memory foam beddings thrived that our career took off. However, I started to feel neck pain due to the heavy workload, it was so serious that I had to put off my pregnancy plan. I was sparked to find out more about pillow users’ needs in real life.

We started a movement to improve sleep

In reaction to our request of improving the pillow in a therapeutic sense, Gerty, the medical advisor of Zamat, integrated the consideration of cervical therapy into the new design of Zamat pillow. That's how the ZAMAT Cervical Pillow was born. I've been witnessing it helps tens of thousands of suffering individuals. The experience took me to reconceive the relation between us and our customers.

Keep exploring

So, what you can get here at Zamat? If you're not comfortable with how your pillow serves you because of neck ache or some similar issues, we're here to offer a solution. Pillow is just a start for Zamat. Since we have a whole team and the ability to access the knowledgeable, the authority, and the experts, ZAMAT will insist on doing what is helpful and making things different.
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