Design of Zamat Neck Pillow

Zamat Neck Pillow uses the backward-C-shaped design. The curved design adapts to head, neck and shoulder contour. It can make neck pain sufferers do a natural traction during sleep, and its design conforms to the shape of physiological engineering. The Zamat neck pillow uses the principle of continuous low-weight traction by tilting the head back, so that the damaged cervical vertebra can be fully relaxed and corrected.

Part 1. Design

1. Double-sided design

The Zamat neck pillow provides two sides that have different stretch strengths:

  • Concave: The head is in the air, and the stretching force is strong
  • Convex: Supported head, weak stretch

double sided design

2. C-type design

The Zamat neck pillow can elastically support the head without stressing the neck.

c type design

3. Ergonomic design

The design of Zamat neck pillow conforms to the normal physiological curvature of the human cervical spine.

ergonomic design

4. Soft touch

The pillow surface is soft, providing enough support without sagging the neck.

soft touch

5. Embracing design

The sides are high and the middle is low, which fits the physiological curve of the neck. It has a braking and immobilizing effect on the neck and reduces the abnormal movement of the head and neck during sleep.

embracing design

Part 2. How it works

Horizontal stretch

The Zamat neck pillow allows your neck muscles to fully stretch and regain their normal elasticity.

Curvature Stretch

The curved shape can naturally stretch the spine and guide the cervical spine to return to a healthy physiological curvature.

Dredge up

Naturally open bones and joints, dredge the intervertebral foramen space, and reduce the compression of blood vessels and nerves.

stretch your neck