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A good night of sleep is vital for leading a rich, fulfilling life. It helps us restore our mental and physical energy so that we can take on the day ahead. Unfortunately, for millions of people across the globe, achieving that perfect night of sleep is a lot harder than it should be. For ZAMAT founder Cindy Chen, the issue was chronic neck pain. In 2017, after putting off pregnancy plans to deal with these recurring sleep issues, she spoke with a doctor who recommended a cervical pillow or contour pillow. With no suitable options available on the market, Cindy reached out to a manufacturer to create a new prototype. The results were amazing and had to be shared with the world!

Our Mission

The ZAMAT mission is simple: we want to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the high-quality sleep they deserve. Everything from work stress to poor posture can impact your sleep habits negatively – we work around the clock to help level the playing field. Our line of innovative cervical pillows, mattresses, and accessories have all been optimized to support the requirements of people suffering from chronic neck pain, tension headaches, tight muscles, TMJ, shoulder pain, and other disruptive issues.

Innovative, Ergonomic Design

Working closely with our in-house medical advisor, ZAMAT developed an ergonomic pillow that integrated sleep science and cervical therapy. In addition to promoting a great night of sleep, we want to help people permanently alleviate chronic neck and back pain. Leveraging unique pillow curvature, magnetic therapy, and massage technology, our pillows keep the neck loose, naturally curved, & comfortably aligned regardless of your body positioning.

Sleep Optimization

We’ve already helped thousands of people improve their sleep but our story is just getting started. The ZAMAT team is committed to researching, designing, and developing cutting-edge sleep optimization products that combine scientific innovation with world-class comfort. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a permanent everyday solution for your bed at home, a convenient on-the-go travel option, or neck support for the office, the perfect pillow is never more than a few clicks away.