Butterfly Button Pillow Total Sleep Bundle

$115.97 $89.95

Butterfly Button Pillow Total Sleep Bundle

$115.97 $89.95

Butterfly Button Pillow Total Sleep Bundle

$115.97 $89.95

Pillow Color: White


Pillowcase color: White


Size: Standard (25"x 14.5"x 5")

Standard (25"x 14.5"x 5")
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✅ Add 1 washable & cooling pillowcase
✅ Add 1 pillow insert

Additional Information
Pillow Color

White, Gray

Pillowcase color

White, Blue, Gray


Standard (25"x 14.5"x 5")

Get Butterfly Button Pillow Total Sleep Bundle on Zamat.

The Upgraded Ergonomic Pillow Boosts Your Comfort to
Wake Up More Refreshed

without neck pain neck pain free

However You Toss and Turn During Sleep, We Got You Back

1. Cradle your skull in the most ergonomic & effortless position. Maximizing comfort level while sleeping on your back.
2. Maintain an open airway, reducing snoring and increasing oxygen circulation to the brain.
3. Support the shoulder and relax your body.
4. Support the side of the neck to avoid strain while sleeping on your side.
5. Help arms to find a comfortable position, promote blood circulation, and ensure a restful sleep.

Simulate Infants' Sleeping Environment. Immerse Your Head, and Feel Safe

Sufficient gentle stimulation of the skull is a significant factor in infants' long and peaceful sleep. That's why we developed the cavity area on top of Immerse Pillows' original.

The Perfect Formula for Restful Sleep

Upgraded butterfly pillow design. It can fit the shape of the head to a greater extent and fix a comfortable sleeping position. So you wake up with no tension and stress on your neck and shoulder. More in line with the curve of the cervical spine, it further, stretches the neck and relieves stiffness and pain.

Proper Alignment

Zamat Lab has been devoted to research on the neck pain relief for the past 5 years. The Immerse Butterfly Pillow follows your natural curve and makes your shoulders and upper back feel relaxed and comfortable. Say goodbye to awkward sleeping positions. Find chronic headaches relief from nightly recovery.

CertiPUR-US Certified Foam. Safe. Durable. Supportive.

We ONLY use premium CertiPUR-US® certified foams. They are made without ozone depleters, leads, and formaldehyde regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. With high quality materials, it gives you complete support and a good sleep.

Adjust the Height As You Like. Find Your Most Comfortable Sleep Preference.

Improper pillow height can cause a poor sleep experience. Zamat provides you a simple way to adjust the height easily to your favorite height - feel free to add or remove the pillow insert as you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best pillow for my sleep position?

Side and back sleepers find loftier pillows most comfortable, while stomach sleepers are better suited for a thinner pillow. Side and back sleepers need thicker pillows to fill the gap between the neck and shoulders; usually, these pillows are anywhere from three to six inches thick. Stomach sleepers are most comfortable on flatter pillows because they keep the neck in line with the rest of the spine.

How often do Zamat pillows need to be replaced?

It’s common practice for people to replace their pillows every 3 to 5 years for hygienic reasons. That said, we design all pillows to be easy to clean so you can extend their lifespan.

If this pillow is not suitable for me, can l return it?

If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us via Service@Zamatsleep.Com for a refund or replacement.