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  • The best-selling ″specialty medical pillow″ on Amazon has more than 4,600 five-star ratings, with customers surprised at how effectively and quickly the pillow soothed their aches.

    - Isabel Garcia from Health

  • If you're looking for something that's got a contoured shape as opposed to a traditional rectangle, the Zamat pillow could be a great option. 

    -Lindsey Vickers from USAToday

  • If you’ve been waking up with neck pain, chances are that you’re sleeping in a position that puts strain on this sensitive area. The Zamat Cervical Memory Foam Pillow can help to alleviate these problems thanks to its unique butterfly shape.

    - Refinery29

  • The unique shape of this pillow was designed for those who experience neck pain, regardless of whether it’s an ongoing, chronic issue or a once-in-awhile nuisance.

    - Brittany Loggins f rom WWD

  • If you tuck your arms under your pillow, the weight of your head can make your limbs fall asleep and put unnecessary pressure on your wrists.The ZAMAT Adjustable Cervical Memory Foam Pillow solves this problem with strategically placed cutout armrests.

    - Gregory Minnis from Greatist

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