NekGenic™ Total Sleep Bundle

$165.97 $119.95

NekGenic™ Total Sleep Bundle

$165.97 $119.95

NekGenic™ Total Sleep Bundle

$165.97 $119.95

NekGenic color: Gray


Pillow color: White


Pillowcase color: White

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✅ 10-Year guarantee 
✅ Includes 1× Butterfly Button Pillow
✅ Includes 1× NekGenic™ Cervical Traction 
✅ Add 1 washable & cooling pillowcase
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Additional Information
NekGenic color

Gray, Pink, Blue

Pillow color

White, Blue

Pillowcase color

White, Blue

Buy NekGenic™ Total Sleep Bundle on ZAMAT, Nekgenic helps you relieve neck discomfort at night.

Daytime - A More Effective Way to Relieve Neck Pain

Powered by Nanomag Implant™ Magnetic Therapy Technology

NekGenic takes the power of Magnetic Therapy, and raises you the power of human function and immunity. Built in millions of permanent magnetic, it helps improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and soothe aches.

Take a 10-Min Nap. Gentle Care for You.

No need to spend more time and money at chiropractic centers. NekGenic is your personal massage therapist to make a difference in your life. Just using it for 10 minutes a day without doing anything, NekGenic stretches your neck and shoulder to help you feel more refreshed.

Key Pressure Points for Targeted Pain Relief. Scientifically.

According to research by Zamat's Lab, NekGenic combines the acupressure of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been in use for over 2,000 years. Just lying down on it, your neck will fit all the pressure points, close your eyes gently, and you will feel your neck muscles relax and neck pain lessened.

Bedtime - Boost Your Comfort to Wake Up More Refreshed

Whole-New Caved-In Design in the Middle. Provide the Best Traction for Neck Pain Relief

Combined with ergonomic design, it supports your neck in a neutral aligned position and lifts your head to the proper height while you sleep on your back or side. The caved-in design is like a button to cradle your head for optimal support and best traction.

Keep Your Neck Aligned. Relieve Pain with Everyday Care.

Zamat Lab has been devoted to research on the neck pain relief for the past 5 years. The Immerse Butterfly Pillow follows your natural curve and makes your shoulders and upper back feel relaxed and comfortable. Say goodbye to awkward sleeping positions. Find chronic headaches relief from nightly recovery.

CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Without Ozone-Depleting Chemicals and Phthalates. Safe. Durable. Supportive.

We ONLY use premium CertiPUR-US® certified foams. They are made without ozone depleters, leads, and formaldehyde regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. With high quality materials, it gives you complete support and a good sleep.

Adjust the Height by Adding or Removing Pillow Insert. Find Your Most Comfortable Sleep Preference

Improper pillow height can cause a poor sleep experience. Zamat provides you a simple way to adjust the height easily to your favorite height - feel free to add or remove the pillow insert as you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will the NekGenic™ help me with my neck pain?

Instantly! Our Cervical Traction Stretcher will provide instant relief from neck pain & tension the first time you use it. With consistent use over a two week period you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.

How do I use it?

1. Lay the stretcher on the ground, with the the start of the S facing towards you.

2. Slowly place your back down followed by your neck.

3. Place your arms over your head and stretch out!

4. Feel the massage and relax.

What if it doesn't work for me?

With every purchase we have an iron-clad, risk-free 30-day guarantee that begins only when you receive the product! If you don't have a positive experience for any reason, contact and we will help you.