Butterfly Pillows Family Bundle

$159.98 $109.95

Butterfly Pillows Family Bundle

$159.98 $109.95

Butterfly Pillows Family Bundle

$159.98 $109.95

Color: 2*White

  • 2*White
  • 2*Gray
  • White+Gray
  • Size: Standard (25"x 14.5"x 5")

    Standard (25"x 14.5"x 5")
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    2*White, 2*Gray, White+Gray


    Standard (25"x 14.5"x 5")

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    Healthy Cervical Alignment

    neck alignment mobile neck alignment

    Upgrade in all aspects, more effective for neck pain

    Align Seamlessly with Your Body

    Zamat butterfly cervical pillow, perfectly conforms to the natural curve of your neck, head and shoulder. It has both outstanding support and amazing comfort, bringing you a pressure-relieving sleep experience.

    Special Butterfly Wing Design

    The innovative wing-shape gives your arms special armrests, which can reduce the pressure of arms and neck, benefit blood circulation of your cervical spine and body.

    Designed for All Sleepers

    ZAMAT cervical pillow uses careful design to support and relieve pressure on your cervical spine, neck and shoulders. Two “Butterfly Wing” cut-outs provide luxurious comfort whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

    Safe for You

    The premium memory foam filling is CertiPUR-US certified. Gently hugs your head, providing customized, cloud-like comfort. You can sleep soundly and breathe easily.

    adjustable comfort

    Adjustable Comfort

    For maximum comfort and neck pain relief, and aligns to the height of your neck, the Zamat cervical pillow comes with an inner sleeve that you can add or remove, and find a level of comfort that is just right for you!

    breathable pillowcase

    Washable & Cooling Pillowcase

    With a removable machine washable pillowcase, it can not only improve the quality of your sleep, but also make it easier to clean.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the best pillow for my sleep position?

    Side and back sleepers find loftier pillows most comfortable, while stomach sleepers are better suited for a thinner pillow. Side and back sleepers need thicker pillows to fill the gap between the neck and shoulders; usually, these pillows are anywhere from three to six inches thick. Stomach sleepers are most comfortable on flatter pillows because they keep the neck in line with the rest of the spine.

    Are Zamat pillows good for neck pain?

    We design all of our pillows to offer healthy support to maintain spinal alignment and ease neck pains. Our pillows also feature cushioning memory foam to contour to your head and neck, relieving pressure and preventing morning headaches that can result from sleeping on a too-firm or too-soft pillow.

    How often do Zamat pillows need to be replaced?

    AIt’s common practice for people to replace their pillows every 3 to 5 years for hygienic reasons. That said, we design all pillows to be easy to clean so you can extend their lifespan.

    If this pillow is not suitable for me, can l return it?

    If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us via Service@Zamatsleep.Com for a refund or replacement.