Magnetic Therapy Cloth

What is Magnetic therapy cloth?

Magnetic therapy cloth is a kind of fabric in which the permanent magnetic particle material is evenly implanted into the fiber and organically combined with the fiber during the spinning process of synthetic fabric. There is a magnetic field with N and S poles on the surface of the fabric. The magnetism of the magnetic therapy cloth will not be washed away by water and can function all the time.

Magnetic Therapy Cloth

Zamat Neck Pillow with Magnetic Therapy

The surface of our Zamat Neck Pillow uses magnetic therapy cloth, which applies the weak magnetic field of permanent magnets to the human body to achieve the effect of improving health. Similar to the alternative medicine practice of electromagnetic therapy, it also uses weak electric or magnetic fields, just generated by electrical equipment. The Zamat Neck Pillow with Magnetic Therapy can:

  • Adjust the biomagnetic field in the human body
  • Change cell membrane permeability
  • Change the activity of certain enzymes
  • Dilate blood vessels and accelerate blood flow
  • Analgesic, swelling and other adjuvant therapy

blood flow

Tips: Studies have shown that magnetic therapy has a certain effect on patients suffering from cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, and lumbar spinal stenosis.