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Day & Night Neck Pain Relief Combo
Daytime, you can use NekGenic in just 10 minutes to relax your stiff neck. Bedtime, the Butterfly Button Shaped Pillow aligns your spine and maximums comfort for your 8h deep sleep.
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Butterfly Shaped Cervical Memory Foam Pillow
Limited time offer. Code: VD15 to save 15%.
$65.99 $79.99
Butterfly Button Shaped Cervical Pillow (Immerse Butterfly Pillow)
Limited time offer. Code: VD15 to save 15%.
$69.99 $85.99
ZAMAT NekGenic™ Cervical Traction Neck Pillow with Magnetic Therapy
Limited time offer. Code: VD15 to save 15%.
$59.99 $64.99
ZAMAT Original Cervical Pillow with Contour Design
Limited time offer. Code: VD15 to save 15%.
$65.99 $75.99
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Butterfly Button Pillow Family Bundle
Upgraded butterfly pillow design. It can fit the shape of the head to a greater extent and fix a comfortable sleeping position. More in line with the curve of the cervical spine, it further, stretches the neck and relieves stiffness and pain.
$119.95 $171.98
Butterfly Pillows Family Bundle
Zamat butterfly cervical pillow, perfectly conforms to the natural curve of your neck, head and shoulder. It has both outstanding support and amazing comfort, bringing you a pressure-relieving sleep experience
$109.95 $159.98
Original Cervical Pillow Family Bundle
Upgrade in All Aspects to Ensure 8h Deeper Sleep. Enhanced ergonomic contour pillow design. Calibrate the neck and head with the optimal angles, providing more support to relieve pressure on your head and neck.
$109.95 $151.98
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Discover What Customers Say About Us
Stretch my neck!
I instantly loved it, especially since I now work from a desk. It was a great way to stretch my neck and loved feeling those pressure points in my neck. My husband has now taken ownership over it and says it contours nicely to his neck. We will definitely be taking this our trip next month!
Support in all the right places
I have tried a few foam pillows before and they ranged from ok to decent. But this particular pillow was the only one that actually contoured very comfortably to the way I lay my head and neck. It keeps my head elevated nicely and I wake up without a stiff neck, the reason why I purchased this. I would definitely buy this one again!
Lindsey Hall
Good night sleep
My neck was tingly and a friend recommended this pillow. After a month of using it, the tingling has gone away. I sleep much better now. Definitely buying one for my husband!
Benny Migisha
Verified buyer