How to Quickly Wash Pillows without Washing Machine

wash pillows

We generally wash bed linen such as sheets and pillowcases regularly, but rarely wash and dry your pillows. After a long time of usage, the pillow will breed a lot of bacteria and accumulate a lot of dust, and the saliva, sweat, sebum, etc. that flow during sleep will remain in the pillow core. If you don't wash it, it may cause your skin irritation, or respiratory problems. Only by cleaning the pillowcase can't clean your pillow thoroughly. So how often should pillow be cleaned and how to wash a pillow by hand without washing machine? No worry, this article will help you.

Except for some special pillow core materials, most pillows are washable. You can check the cleaning instruction label on the pillow and clean it according to the label. For different pillow fillings, there are different ways to clean them.

1. How to wash down pillows

  • Washing method: Hand wash
  • Cleaning frequency: Once a year

Down pillows have better bulkiness and softness, and will not be deformed due to long-term usage. For small area stains or odors, lemonade can be sprayed evenly on the pillow for cleaning; for large area cleaning, the down pillow can be washed with neutral detergent first. Soak it into warm water for 10 minutes, and then gently brush. The down pillow should not be wrung out after washing, the water should be squeezed out, and it should be flattened to dry.

2. How to wash memory foam pillows

  • Washing method: Hand wash and spot cleaning
  • Cleaning frequency: every six months 

Memory foam pillow are made of slow-rebound materials such as polyurethane foam. It has the advantages of air permeability, good resilience, and can effectively disperse the pressure on the head and neck. Sun exposure or water washing will destroy the structure of natural memory foam and greatly shorten its service life. And you need to dry it regularly in a ventilated place away from light.

3. How to wash latex pillow

  • Washing method: hand wash
  • Cleaning frequency: every six months

The latex pillow is made of natural latex foamed by tech methods. It has multiple advantages such as good elasticity, anti-mite and sterilization, not easy to deform, strong support, and easy to clean.

Soak the latex pillow in cold water with neutral detergent, press the pillow lightly with your hand to squeeze the detergent. And then rinse it repeatedly with clean water until it is clean. Use a dry towel to absorb the water first after washing and then place it in a cool place to air dry.

4. How to wash bamboo pillow

  • Washing method: hand wash
  • Cleaning frequency: Once a month

Since the bamboo material is not easy to be contaminated with dust, it can be scrubbed with water to avoid soaking. After scrubbing, dry it with a dry towel, and put it in a ventilated place to dry.


Now all the washing methods for various types of pillows have been introduced to you. Never neglect the hygiene of your pillow again. It’s wise to wash your pillow regularly, otherwise the dirty pillow will do harm to your health.