How to Sleep Better during Pregnancy


Good sleep is very important for pregnant mothers. Many expectant mothers know the importance of sleep, but as the belly gets bigger and bigger, it is difficult to turn over, and it is normal to sleep with back pain. Besides, even the baby's movement can affect mommy's sleep. Therefore, how can you have a better sleep quality during pregnancy? This article will introduce you how to sleep better.

Part 1. Which sleep position is recommended during pregnancy.

  • First trimester – conception to 12 weeks.

In the first stage, the enlarged uterus and abdominal distension of you are not obvious. You can sleep as you feel comfortable, you can sleep on your left side, right side, or on your back.

  • Second trimester – 12 to 24 weeks.

In the second stage, your belly begins to grow. When you are lying on the bed, you can obviously feel that there is a "ball" in your belly. At this time, you should start to pay attention to your sleep position.

  • Third trimester – 24 to 40 weeks.

It’s recommended to sleep on the left side, you can change the body position during the period, and alternate between the left side and the right side. It is not forced to stay on the left side, nor is it recommended to stay on the left side. Try to avoid sleeping on your back, and it is forbidden to stay in the position for a long time.

Part 2. Why sleeping on your left side is the best position during pregnancy?

First, it helps to increase the blood supply to the placenta. The uterus of most pregnant mothers is not in the middle of the body, but has some dextrorotation. Now imagine the uterus as a large ball pulled by two blood vessels. In the dextrorotation state, the blood vessels on the left side are taut and the blood flow is small. If you lie on your left side, the uterus can move to the left, so that the tension in the blood vessels on the left is reduced, the blood flow is increased, and the baby can get more oxygen.

Secondly, sleeping on the left side relieves the swelling of the lower extremities of pregnant women. If you sleep on your back, the uterus will directly press on the inferior vena cava and aorta, resulting in poor blood circulation in the lower extremities and swelling.

The danger of pregnant women sleeping on the back is that, compared with sleeping on the left side, the enlarged uterus compresses the inferior vena cava, reduces the return of venous blood, affecting the blood output of your heart, so the blood flow of the uterine artery is also reduced, thus affecting the blood supply of the baby and endangering the life of the baby.

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Part 3. How to sleep better during pregnancy.

1. Use pillows to support your body

If you have a big belly in the second and third trimester, you always feel that your back and your legs are sore when you sleep. It’s recommended to use some cushions or pillows for your waist and legs. Let these pillows play a role of fixation and support to relax your limbs, and make you sleep better during pregnancy. If possible, use a pregnancy pillow, which can help you to prop up your belly, and give you better support of lumbar spine.

2. Relax your body and mind: music, foot bath and steam eye mask

It is especially important for your psychological adjustment during pregnancy. Many problems during pregnancy are caused by tension, so listening to soothing music before sleep can relax your mood. Soaking your feet in hot water can help blood circulation to relieve edema and fatigue, and wearing a steam eye mask can relieve eye fatigue and relax your body to help you sleep better.

3. Doing yoga

The body that lacks daily activities will be more likely to fall into a state of fatigue, resulting in various physical discomforts. If possible, you can do simple yoga, which has a very good soothing effect on the body and mind. Some stretching movements can also help relax the body, and improve your sleep quality.



In the third trimester of pregnancy, the feeling of squeezing, frequent urination, and leg cramps caused by the enlarged belly will affect the quality of sleep at night during pregnancy.  Therefore, pregnant mothers need to adjust their mentality. You can use pregnancy pillows to improve sleep quality, and listen to soothing music, wearing eye masks can relax your body and mind. Some yoga and stretching are recommended to relieve fatigue, drinking less water before going to bed can reduce the problem of frequent urination. Only in these ways can you sleep better during pregnancy.