What is Cervical Pillow?

What is Cervical Pillow?

What is a Cervical Pillow?

If you are a frequent shopper in the home furnishing aisle and are careful about proper posture and rest, you certainly are more than familiar with a myriad of pillow products such as memory foam pillow, travel pillow and organic cotton pillow. One of the emerging and popular recommendations in the market these days is a cervical pillow. But what on earth, is a cervical pillow? What does it do? How does it help? What is distinctive about it?  

It’s easy to decode. The word cervical is derived from the latin word “cervix”, which means neck. So, a cervical pillow refers to a pillow specially designed for people who need to support their neck bones and muscles. It is also known as Orthopedic Pillow. On top of giving support to your head as common pillows do, a cervical pillow could also offer optimal support to your cervical vertebra and help release neck pain.

Who needs a cervical pillow?

Based on its name, you’re bound to think that cervical pillows are meant only for those who are undergoing cervical issues. And, that’s true! If you have chronic neck pain or stiffness or recurring numbness or tingling in the neck, using a cervical pillow is definitely going to help you alleviate the pain whilst you sleep. However, neck pain is not the only indication of requiring a cervical pillow.

While neck pain is an obvious signal of cervical impairment,  it doesn’t always indicate that your cervical vertebra is in a healthy condition even if you feel fine with your neck. If you have formed any life habits listed below or these situations occur to you from time to time, we’d like to give you a heads-up on your cervical health:

  • Keeping awkward sleeping positions at night
  • Using an inappropriate pillow (too high, too low, too hard, or too soft)for an extended period of time
  • Holding your neck in an abnormal position for a long period of time, especially when you stick to your phone.
  • Experiencing excessive stress or anxiety, which could result in muscle tension in the neck

There are two more ways for you to identify whether you have potential neck pain:

First, side face a mirror and straighten your back as much as possible. If there is a rounded hunch (known as Dowager’s Hump) behind your neck, showing that your back and head can’t be straightly aligned, you have developed an abnormal curve of the upper vertebrae. Postural imbalances like this can lead us to become shorter and fatter in figure. What is worse, it will wear your cervical vertebra over time, leading to severe lesions and abnormal body posture, which can be unrecoverable.

Dowager's Hump Explained

(The left two postures show the Dowager’s Hump on neck)

Second, try Yoga poses, such as Neck Stretches as shown in the figures below. If you’re not a frequent exerciser, it’s normal that it takes some efforts to get your body stretched. However, if you lose control of your breath or feel tense and painful over your shoulder, back and neck, your cervical vertebra is in an unhealthy state.

Image by Jen Export via Jen Reviews


To sum up, not only can cervical pillows help people troubled with cervical ache, they can also exert a great effect on restoring the neck curve. Would like to know more about it from a medical perspective? Read more here>>>

Where can You Buy a Cervical Pillow?

You can find lots of cervical pillows out there, but their designs, materials and edges vary. It’s not easy to decide which cervical pillow is right on your spot. To help you get a complete view of the different cervical pillows, we made comparisons with respect to designs and materials. Please note the author didn’t try out all the products in person. Instead, we have drawn the conclusion from an ergonomic perspective.





In conclusion by the above comparisons, the ergonomic cervical pillow is more multifunctional than the other shapes, and memory foam is the best filling material for it. Zamat engineers strictly conform to these two conclusions and have designed Zamat Cervical Pillow with the aid of the Gerty medical team. It adapts the most advanced ergonomic tech to release neck pain gently and effectively. Zamat cervical pillows have been endorsed by over 200 voluntary neck pain sufferers, who tried out 26 pillow prototypes and voted it for the best therapy experience. To know more details about Zamat Cervical pillow or to shop directly, click learn more now.

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