How Sleeping Naked Improve Our Health

sleeping naked

For sleep, everyone has their own little hobbies. Some people like to sleep with pillows, some people like to sleep with the lights on, some people like to sleep with eye mask, and some people like to sleep naked. The most direct benefit of sleeping naked for most people is comfort. Once you've tried sleeping naked, you may never want to sleep with clothes on again. So will sleeping naked affect our health and what are the benefits of sleeping naked? This article will tell you in detail how sleeping naked can improve our health.

Part 1. Benefits of sleeping naked

1. Sleeping naked makes it easier to fall asleep

Cyclic fluctuations of body temperature are also part of our body's circadian rhythm. Our body has its own thermoregulatory system. By dissipating heat at night, the body temperature naturally drops, which induces us to enter a sleep state, and rises in the morning to wake us up. Compared to wearing pajamas, sleeping naked has fewer barriers to skin temperature perception.

2. Sleeping naked can improve sleep quality

Since the skin is the most important radiating organ of our body, it has the function of thermoregulation. Under the control of our body's own biological rhythm, our body temperature will naturally drop after falling asleep. Sleeping with pajamas may affect the skin's perception of ambient temperature, hinder the body's heat dissipation, and thus affect our sleep rhythm.

3. Sleeping naked can make our skin a little better

There are a large number of hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and other skin appendages distributed on the human skin, which can secrete sebum and sweat. Sleeping naked is helpful for the normal secretion and excretion of the skin, and it can also directly expose the skin to relatively low temperature, enhance local blood flow, and promote local metabolism of the skin.

4. Sleeping naked is good for the reproductive system health

The temperature of the male scrotum and testicles is 2~7°C lower than the body temperature, so sleeping naked is not only free and refreshing, but also beneficial to sperm development; sleeping naked also has many benefits for women's private parts, and the private parts will be drier, those bacteria and fungi that are easy to breed in humid environments are also reduced accordingly.

Part 2. Pay attention to these problems when sleeping naked

1. Bedroom environment

Of course, when you sleep naked, you need to choose a private, independent environment. And your bedroom should be well ventilated to avoid skin discomfort due to temperature and humidity.

2. Hygiene

When sleeping naked, our skin will directly contact the bedding, so it is recommended to choose pure cotton fabrics to avoid skin allergies. In addition, sleeping naked has higher requirements on personal hygiene. Bedding such as pillow cases, sheets, quilts, blankets and other beddings should be washed frequently and changed frequently. If possible, it should be disinfected regularly.

Part 3. People who are not suitable for sleeping naked

1. People with allergic skin and skin diseases

When sleeping naked, the chance of direct skin contact with allergens is increased. People who are allergic to dust, mites and other substances will cause skin allergies due to exposure to allergens.

For people who have skin diseases, if they do not wear pajamas, the bacteria in the affected area may attach to the quilt, expand the scope of infection, and aggravate the disease.

2. People with cardiovascular disease

Our body temperature drops when we sleep, making us more susceptible to colds. The biggest problem with sleeping naked is that you may turn over a lot during sleep, and opening the quilt will cause you to catch a cold and aggravate some diseases that are more sensitive to temperature. For example, patients with arthritis or gastrointestinal diseases need to keep warm.

3. People with weak immunity and sickness

Our body's self-defense system is relatively relaxed after we fall asleep. For people with weak immunity, if they sleep without clothes, they are prone to cold, headache, low back pain and joint pain or other uncomfortable symptoms. Similarly, people who like to lift the quilt in the middle of the night are not suitable for sleeping naked.

The bottom line

If you haven't tried sleeping naked, we suggest you try it when the time is right. You may soon enjoy sleeping naked. As you can see sleeping naked not only helps you sleep better but also brings much benefits to your health.