What Is the Right Height For the Pillow?

pillow with right height

We received some of our customers's letter, and they asked us for "what is the right height for the pillow"?

On the one hand, it differs from person to person; On the other hand, is there an objective and scientific standard for the majority of people? Our research found that when people rest and sleep on their back, they can maintain the natural curvature of the head and neck without cradling the neck, and the height of such pillow is reasonable and appropriate. This is the objective requirement of comfortable sleep and our health. The height of the pillow that conforms to this principle is appropriate. The result for our body is that the corresponding physiological tissues of the head and neck will not be deformed, and the natural posture can be maintained, so as to achieve comfort and health.

What is the right height of pillow for side sleeper or back sleeper?

For different sleeping positions, the appropriate pillow height is not the same. People generally sleep in two positions: side sleeping and back sleeping (basically sleeping on the stomach is not regarded as a healthy sleep position), and these two sleeping positions can be switched during the sleep process. To maintain the natural curvature of people's head and neck without deforming them, the height of the head from the bed surface is different from the side sleeping and the back sleeping. The height required for side sleeping is large while back sleeping is lower. Therefore, the appropriate height of the pillow should also be divided into two heights: the side sleeping height and the back sleeping height.

The results of our study show that the difference between the suitable pillow heights for side sleeping and back sleeping is about 4 inches. This is easy to understand, as we know when lying on the side, there will be an extra shoulder height on one side, which is about 4 inches.

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Besides, the body size is likely to influence pillow size, but usually the pillow should maintain a height of 4 to 6 inches to support your head and neck. One small research study comparing three foam pillow heights found that a pillow height of approximately 4 inches offered the best spinal alignment and greatest comfort.

Of course, the above data is just a basic reference. When picking your own pillow, you need to actually choose the pillow based on your own body size, habits and preferences. It is best to have a trial to know the best height of the pillow for you. In addition, there are also some pillows that can be adjusted in height, such as Zamat adjustable cervical memory foam pillow, which is designed to fit more sleepers, every Zamat Cervical Pillow is accompanied with removable memory foam inserts. Users can adjust the height to their needs no matter you prefer to sleep on your side or on your back.

The bottom line

Basically, usually the pillow should maintain a height of 4 to 6 inches to support your head and neck. And if you are a side sleeper, you can have 4 inches higher. In general, you need to pick the best height according to your own needs. Or you can buy a height adjustable pillow such as Zamat Cervical Pillow.