How to Fall Asleep Fast

fall asleep

Have you experienced any of the following situations before falling asleep?

  • Before going to bed, you see a drama with a very tense plot or play a game with your mobile phone, and then you can't fall sleep. You toss and turn around on the bed with too many thoughts in your head. You desperately want to sleep but you can't;
  • Having a big meal before going to bed. When you lie in bed and try to sleep, food rolls around in your stomach, making you uncomfortable and unable to sleep at all;

When you woke up the next day, you were in a trance, feeling lost. Occasionally staying up late will not cause much impact, but long-term low-quality sleep will cause great harm to the body. For example, it affects the immune system, it is easy to catch a cold and have a fever.

Working and studying during the day, it is difficult to concentrate, the speed of reaction and thinking is slowed down, the memory is damaged. At the same time, it also affects our mood, making us volatile and irritable.

So how can these people who have trouble falling asleep at night fall asleep fast? This article will give you useful tips, mainly to help you solve the problem of difficulty falling asleep at night from two aspects: Change the external environment, and adjust your own state.

Part 1. Change the external environment

  • Lowering the body's temperature can cause drowsiness.

Lower your body temperature, it not asks you to put yourself in the fridge. Instead, take a hot shower about an hour before going to bed to raise the body temperature, and then gradually cool down to make you sleepy. In summer, turn on the air conditioner before going to bed, but not very low, because you may catch a cold, it is easy to fall asleep with the quilt covered.

  • Adjust the light.

Light affects our sleep. Study shows that it is easier for people to fall asleep quickly in a closed environment without any light. If you can't keep your bedroom completely dark, you can use a comfortable eye mask to help you fall asleep faster.

  • Refuse the temptation

Playing with your mobile phone or playing games before going to bed will make you more excited so that you can’t fall sleep quickly. Therefore, you can try to put the computer and mobile phone out of the eyesight an hour before going to bed, and it is better to have a little effort to reach it.

  • Do not eat or drink food that interferes with sleep

As we said at the beginning of the article, eating and drinking something that contains alcohol and cocaine before bed will keep you from falling asleep. So, if you're constantly having trouble falling asleep, it's best not to drink alcohol, espresso, etc. in the afternoon.

  • Set up your bed.

Pick a suitable mattress with comfortable pillows. Set up your bed that allows your body to feel comfortable and relaxed will help you to fall asleep quickly and have a good sleep quality.

Part 2. Adjust your own state.

  • Exercise more during the day.

You may find that many workers who do manual work are prone to falling asleep at night. Getting more exercise at daytime can make your body more tired at night, so you'll feel more comfortable in bed at night and fall asleep more easily.

  • Relax yourself.

If you can't sleep at first, don't keep thinking about it and put more stress on your mind. We need to remove as much external stimulation as possible from the brain to relax ourselves. For example, imagine yourself as a leaf in the wind, floating in the air, slowly drifting to land, breathing deeply, and all parts of your body are completely relaxed.

  • Read boring books.

As we mentioned, don't play with your phone before bed time. However, you can read some books you don't like or you can’t understand, such as philosophy, complex functions, etc. Of course, the effect of this method varies from person to person, and some people may fall asleep quickly.

  • Form a fixed body clock.

Go to bed and wake up at a same time each day. And before your bed time, you can draw the curtains, take a bath, drink some water, turn off the phone and computer and keep them out of reach, do these things every day in this order. As a result, an unbreakable ritual was formed and your brain will gradually adapt so that you will fall asleep quickly when you finish them.

The bottom line.

If you have any physical problems such as sciatica which makes it hard to fall asleep at night, you need to see your doctor for any advice. Nowadays, those people who fall sleep fast and have a good sleep quality are really lucky. Hope you can also fall asleep quickly and get rid of sleep problems after reading this article.