[2022] How to Pick the Perfect Pillow for You?

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Some details in our life will actually affect our health. For example: Too much pressure at work or study, long-term cervical discomfort, muscle tension and soreness, including poor sleep quality and get easily tired, these will affect our health and cause problems. What is easily overlooked by us is that pillows are actually very important to our sleep. A good pillow can improve the quality of sleep, ensure that we are full of energy, and make our body healthier. In this article, we will talk about how to choose a good pillow for sleeping.

Firstly, let's take a look at the pillows on the market.

1. Down pillow

Pros: Down pillows are very close to slow-rebound memory foam pillows in experience. The difference is that the sagging of down pillows is much higher than that of memory foam. The higher the bulkiness, the stronger the sagging. Therefore, down pillows are extremely adaptable. Whether you like high pillows or low pillows, down pillows can adapt very well. Moreover, due to the slow rebound, down pillows are very effective in relieving neck pressure.

Cons: Expensive, and a high-quality down pillow may cost you a lot. Moreover, it is difficult to clean. Usually, it’s okay to pat and bask in the sun, but if it gets stained, especially some odorous liquids, it will be difficult to clean, because all down pillows are recommended for professional-grade dry cleaning.

2. Latex pillow

Pros: As you know, latex is a material that has good elasticity and strong support for the neck. It can put your cervical vertebra in a very correct position, which is very suitable for some people with poor cervical vertebrae. Besides, it is a natural anti-mite.

Cons: High elasticity brings extremely poor plasticity, which not only leads to less adaptation to the crowd, but also makes it can’t be a long-term used pillow.

3. Memory foam pillow

Pros: The memory foam pillow will adjust your head and neck to a very suitable position. This suitable position is the place where your entire cervical spine and shoulders can be completely relaxed, and whether you are sleeping on your back or on your side! And this is what the down pillows can’t do. It’s suitable for those who have poor and fragile cervical spine.

Cons: It takes time to get used to it, and it's not as immediate as a down pillow. At first, you may feel a little uncomfortable when you start using it.

4. Buckwheat pillow

Pros: Buckwheat pillows have a moldable shape, so they can be adjusted to the shape of the head, neck and shoulders. It can relax muscles in your neck and shoulder, promote sleep quality, relieve insomnia,dreaminess and other discomfort, which helps you wake up feeling refreshed. In addition, it can be much cheaper.

Cons: If the buckwheat pillow is used for a long time, a lot of bacteria will be parasitized on the buckwheat in the pillow. Therefore, it may cause allergic skin reactions.

After we have introduced all the common types of pillows, we can summarize what kind of pillow is the best to choose.

Down pillows and memory foam pillows have their own advantages. Personally, although I think down pillows are better in general, the ability of memory foam pillows to relieve cervical pressure far exceeds that of down pillows, which we cannot ignore. So down pillows and memory foam pillows with good quality are what we highly recommended. While latex pillows and buckwheat pillows are not that good.


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