How to Relieve Chronic Headache?

How to Relieve Chronic Headache?

There are many factors that lead to chronic headaches, insufficient sleep or some certain diseases, which can lead to headaches. Headache is not a small case, and need to be paid enough attention. It should be dealt with in the right way in order to alleviate the pain and improve the quality of your life. Can chronic headache be relieved with sleep, and how to relieve chronic headache? No worry, this article will tell you.

Part 1. Possible causes of chronic headaches.

Whether chronic headache can be improved by sleeping depends on the cause of the headache. If it is caused by excessive fatigue and lack of sleep for a long time, it will indeed improve after reasonable rest and reducing the burden on the body. So we need to learn the possible causes of chronic headache first.

  1. High blood pressure

Frequent headaches can be related to high blood pressure. Now more and more people have high blood pressure that threatens their health, and unstable blood pressure will lead to injury of blood vessels. Once the blood vessels and nerves in the brain are damaged, it causes headache.

  1. Mental stress

Studies have shown that many headaches are caused by mental stress. Overwork, stress, and lack of sleep are all possible causes. Nowadays, many people are under too much mental stress and are in a state of high load for a long time, which can cause chronic headache. As we know that emotional changes are closely related to our health. When you are in high tension and anxiety, if you do not relieve it in time, it may turn from one or two headaches to chronic headaches, which will occur frequently. Long-term anxiety, tension and pressure will affect brain function gradually, resulting in repeated headaches.

  1. Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality

This is one of the most common causes of chronic headaches. Your work, age, psychology and other reasons will cause lack of sleep. If the body does not get a good rest and recovery, headaches will appear. In the long run, headaches recur repeatedly, and it will evolve into chronic headaches.

  1. Development of cervical spondylosis

Chronic headaches may result from cervical spondylosis. Maintaining a good cervical spine function, and developing correct living habits, the whole body can easily be in a good state of health. However, some people often lower their heads to play mobile phones, work at desks for a long time, and do not keep the correct sleeping position or choose a suitable pillow, the cervical spine is gradually damaged, and the local nerve roots are compressed, which may affect the blood supply to the brain. The interaction between the nerves sometimes causes headaches, and even numbness, vomiting and other symptoms.

  1. Hyperlipidemia

Hyperlipidemia will change the patient's blood state. If the blood is too thick, the circulation will be blocked, and there will be no way to provide nutrients to the parts that need it, and health will be damaged. Many people have insufficient blood supply to the brain and may gradually develop a cerebral infarction.

  1. Brain tumor

Frequent headaches may be related to tumors. If brain tumors are not detected and treated in time. After the disease aggravates, the tumor volume gradually increases, which will cause compression and traction on the surrounding tissues, and then result in headache.

Part 2. How to relieve chronic headache?

Now that we understand the possible causes of chronic headaches, let's take a look at how to relieve your headaches.

  1. Go to hospital

First of all, you need to go to the hospital for a detailed examination to see if the headache is caused by a physical disease. If so, it should be treated according to the doctor's order.

  1. Develop good living habits

People who have chronic headache can eat more foods rich in vitamin B in their daily lives, reduce their intake of caffeine, alkaline foods, and drink less coffee and alcohol, especially during headaches.

Besides, make sure you get enough sleep every day. Sleep is an effective way to relax the brain. If the brain is not fully rested for a long time, the brain will be in a high-load working state, which is easy to cause headaches. Therefore, adjusting your schedule and improve your sleep quality. For example, you can set up your bed, pick a comfortable pillow and more.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise can promote blood circulation in the body, relieve stress, soothe the mood, and prevent headaches. Daily exercises such as yoga and jogging can be used to stabilize the human autonomic nervous system and relieve symptoms such as anxiety and muscle tension.

  1. Take painkillers when a headache strikes

When your headache strikes and you can no longer live or sleep normally, you can choose to take pain relievers. Proper use of painkillers can help relieve pain safely and greatly reduce the suffering of pain.

The bottom line

Headaches are not a small problem and need to be taken seriously. Although a lot of chronic headaches can't find the exact cause, they are generally related to fatigue, mental stress, lack of sleep, and poor sleep quality. So getting as much rest as possible and relaxing your mind and body can go a long way in relieving your headaches.