How to Sleep Comfortably on a Plane or Train

sleep on a plane

We often need to on a trip travelling long distances to another place, to travel, to go on a business trip, or to visit our relatives and friends. How to rest well and sleep comfortably is something that many people need to consider during a long journey. Therefore, this article will give you many useful tips to help you sleep comfortably on the train or plane.

Method 1. Prepare for the night in advance

Due to some long-distance trips, you will spend the night on the train, so you should prepare a thin quilt in advance to prevent the cold at night. Keeping warm will help you sleep better.

Method 2. Noise-cancelling earplugs

On a plane or train, noise is unavoidable. A pair of noise-cancelling earbuds can be so effective that you can fall asleep almost anywhere. Noise-cancelling earplugs can not only block the noise of planes and trains themselves, but also block the sounds caused by humans, such as passengers' talking, children's crying and other noises that affect sleep.

Method 3. U-shaped pillow

You usually need to sit when sleeping on the train or plane, so that your head naturally hangs down after falling asleep and it will hurt the cervical spine, and the U-shaped pillow is a good way to avoid the head hanging down to the left and right. The U-shaped pillow can be fixed around the neck and support the head to protect the cervical spine from injury when sleeping.

Method 4. Avoid sitting near the wings

If you travel on the plane, remember that engines are near the wings of an airplane, so the noises are much bigger that you can't sleep well. If possible, be sure to avoid sitting near the wings, and choose the seat as forward as possible. In addition, the front row will be less affected by the turbulent air flow during the flight.

Method 5. Choose a seat by the window

If you choose a seat by the window, you can lean on the bulkhead without being disturbed by others who are going back and forth, which can minimize the interference caused by the outside so that you can sleep well.

Method 6. Wear an eye mask

Some people like me may have a hard time falling asleep when the light is bright. The eye mask can block the harsh light and create a good sleeping environment. If your eyes are tired, you can also use a steam eye mask, which not only blocks the light, but also relaxes the eye muscles and promotes blood circulation.

Method 7. Melatonin

If you travel internationally, jet lag is a factor which you need to consider. Time difference makes it difficult for you to fall asleep, so melatonin can be helpful. Melatonin can help people with jet lag fall asleep more quickly, and occasionally takes it you won’t have a major adverse effect.


Above are our our tips to help you sleep comfortably on long trips. Of course, you can also break a long journey into shorter journeys. In this way, you can choose a hotel along the way to sleep comfortably instead of sleeping on the train or plane. You will have better energy to continue the journey.