6 Things You Need to Avoid before Bed

a good night sleep

Adequate and high-quality sleep is very important to our health. Many people's bad habits before going to bed will not only affect our sleep, but also reduce the quality of our sleep. Therefore, in order to improve our sleep quality and improve our physical health, let's take a look at the things you should avoid before going to bed.

1. Do not exercise vigorously before going to bed

Vigorous exercise before going to bed will make the nerve that control muscle activity in the brain be in excitement. This excitement will not calm down in a short period of time, and then you will not be able to fall asleep quickly.
The amount of exercise at night should be moderate, and the intensity should be gradual. It is good to exercise until the whole body is in a comfortable and smooth state. Don't let yourself get tired after exercising. It is best not to exercise one hour before going to bed. Don't force yourself to exercise if you are overly tired and sleepy.

2. Avoid getting angry or emotional before going to bed

Similarly, getting angry or emotional before going to bed will make your heart beat faster and your nerve exciting, your breathing will be rapid, so you cannot be calm down to fall asleep. So many thoughts that it's hard to fall asleep as well.

3. Avoid eating too much before bed

If you go to sleep soon after eating too much, most of the body's tissues and organs begin to enter a "resting" state with slow metabolism, while the gastrointestinal tract is forced to be in "intensive work", resulting in an imbalance in some parts of the body.

Due to the long-term retention of food in the stomach, the stomach is forced to secrete a large amount of gastric juice, which damages the gastric mucosa, and is prone to gastric erosion and gastric ulcer, thereby inducing gastric cancer.

If you eat too much before going to bed, your stomach needs to work harder to digest, and a stomach full of food will constantly stimulate the brain. When the brain is excited, you will not fall asleep peacefully.

4. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages before bedtime

Substances such as alcohol and caffeine stimulate the central nervous system and make you excited. If you drink these beverages before going to bed, the central nervous system will be excited, making it difficult for people to fall asleep or even insomnia.

5. Do not cover your face while sleeping

If you cover your head when sleeping, it will not only make your head warm, but also make the oxygen in the bed less and less, resulting in dizziness, headache, vomiting, etc. the next day. And it will make you and feel sleepy and react slowly.

Sleeping with your head covered is not only harmful to the brain, but also harmful to the respiratory system. Studies have shown that 149 kinds of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide can be discharged from the human respiratory tract when sleeping, and 171 kinds of chemical substances can be discharged from the pores of the skin. Even healthy people can excrete nearly 10 billion bacteria and viruses in one night through breathing and coughing. If your head is buried in the bed, it is very easy to be infected with these harmful substances and pathogenic bacteria, which can induce respiratory inflammation and skin diseases.

6. Choose the pillow with proper height

If your pillow is too low, it is easy to cause stiff neck, or due to too much blood flowing into the brain, the head will be swollen and the eyelids will be swollen the next day;
If your pillow is too high, it will affect the airway, makes it easy to snoring and have neck discomfort.

The bottom line

It is a blessing to be able to fall asleep quickly every night. And a good quality of sleep is crucial to our health. Avoiding the 6 things mentioned above before going to bed can help us fall asleep quickly and effectively improve our sleep quality. Hope our tips could help you sleep well.