How to Cure Chronic Neck Pain

chronic neck pain

Do you often feel pain in the cervical spine, or the neck pain is accompanied by problems such as stiff shoulders, migraine, cervical pain, and numbness in the arms? Chronic neck pain will greatly affect your daily work, study and life. It's very torturous. So if you are now suffering from chronic neck pain, you must be wondering how to relieve and cure it. Of course, this article is to teach you how to relieve and treat chronic cervical pain. Please read on.

1. Find out the cause of your neck pain

If you have chronic pain in your cervical spine and accompanied by other symptoms, you need to figure out what is the cause of your cervical pain first: Is your cervical pain a fascia problem or a small joint problem, and which fascia is the problem? If your symptoms are so severe that you don't look for the cause, your pain may get worse.

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2. The treatment is wrong

There are many reasons for neck pain, naturally, there are many ways to treat it. If your treatments are all wrong, nothing will work. Such as traction, you have numbness in your arm, but is your numbness caused by the compression of nerves in the cervical spine? If not, you did the traction for nothing. Besides, plastering and rubbing may help, but this is not the ultimate solution to your pain.

3. How to cure chronic neck pain

Step 1. Go to the hospital to find out the detailed cause of your neck pain. Cervical pain, migraines, or numbness in your arms, you need to find the cause of these symptoms.

Step 2. Find the right and corresponding treatment. If you have migraines, you definitely need to rule out vestibular problems and brain metabolism problems. You need to improve your brain metabolism, supplement with plant selenium or magnesium, and do eye training at the same time. There are also some professional instruments that can treat fascia problems such as ultrasound therapy, TENS, etc.

Step 3. Correct your standing, sitting and sleeping positions. Maybe your cervical spine pain is caused by incorrect body posture for a long time. Then even if you are cured, it will relapse later. To be honest, if you don’t prevent cervical spondylosis, you can only relieve it by about 50% through treatment alone.

Step 4. Pick a cervical pillow. The cervical pillow helps to relax the muscle on your neck when you sleep at night. The height of the pillow should fit the curvature of the cervical spine as much as possible, so that the neck can have good support.

Step 5. Take exercises. There are some simple exercises you can take to help strengthen the muscles on your neck and relieve your chronic neck pain:

  • Scapula retraction exercise. With the arms behind you, the scapula presses towards the midline, feel the squeeze of the scapula, and exercise the rhomboid and trapezius muscles.
  • Neck stretch. Tilt your head back and point your chin toward the ceiling as much as possible, keep your neck, shoulders, and torso straight, and exercise multiple muscles such as the trapezius and splenius capitis.