How to Stop Sleep Talking at Night

sleep talking

Sleep talking, or somniloquy, is a parasomnia that refers to talking aloud while asleep. It can be very loud, ranging from simple beeps to loud shouts and prolonged periods, and can occur many times during the sleep cycle. Like sleepwalking and night terrors, sleep talking typically occurs during triangular-wave NREM sleep stages or temporary arousals.

The sleep talking is usually harmless, but sometimes it can wake up other people. Especially when others misinterpret such talking as conscious speech. If sleep talking is dramatic and emotional, it could be another sleep disorder. People who have experienced insomnia sometimes speak in another language in their dreams. If you always talk while asleep, do you know how to stop it? Follow this article to learn how to stop sleep talking.

Part 1. Causes of sleep talking.

1. Somniloquy in childhood is mostly due to instability in the development of the nerves.

This is a normal phenomenon, usually it will stop sleep talking after growing up. This instability of the nervous system can be continuously improved through healthier diet, living habits, family atmosphere, and cognitive education.

2. Adults talking in sleep are mainly related to sleep habits and psychological conditions.

For example, long-term bad sleeping habits, ideological burden, excessive anxiety, irritability, etc. One person's psychological situation is significantly different when he was talking in the sleep and when he wasn’t.

3. Genetic factors.

Research made in 1966 suggests the following:

  • Sleep talking parents are more likely to have children who sleep-talk.
  • Sleep talking can still occur, though much less commonly, when neither parent has a history of sleep talking.
  • A large portion of people begin to sleep talking later in life without any prior history of sleep talking during childhood or adolescence.

Sleep talking can also be caused by depression, sleep deprivation, alcohol and fever. It often occurs in association with other sleep disorders such as confusion arousals, sleep apnea, and REM sleep behavior disorder.

Part 2. How to stop sleep talking.

1. Psychological and spiritual mediation.

For many people, frequent sleep talking at night is caused by thinking deeply and worrying about something. They will unconsciously talk through somniloquy at night. And some people will make nerves abnormally excited due to fear, worry, and fatigue, which will lead to sleep talking at night.

2. Medical treatment.

Sleep talking at night can be solved by medical treatment, such as taking barbiturates or taking tranquilizers, which can play a sedative and hypnotic role, ensure sleep quality and reduce sleep talking.

3. Take more exercises.

Sleep talking can be reduced by strengthening physical exercise during the day. Appropriate physical exercise during the day can make people completely tired, and when they go to bed at night, they can completely relax their muscles and fall asleep easily, which can reduce the situation of talking and dreaming.

Final thoughts

Actually, you don’t have to get treatment for sleep talking if it does not disturb sleep or cause other problems. Since we have mentioned above sleep talking is usually harmless to yourself. It may only disturb others who sleep with you.