How to Sleep With Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain

Many people suffer from natural curvature deformation due to long-term desk work or bad sitting and standing postures in life, which leads to the problem of excessive pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles, which induces inflammation and causes symptoms such as pain, insomnia, and dreaminess.

If you suffer from shoulder pain and have a poor sleep quality, you may want to know how to sleep well to relieve the shoulder pain so that you can feel fresh in the next day. And that’s what this article is going to tell you, how to sleep with shoulder pain? Please read on.

1. The best sleep position for shoulder pain.

  • Sleep on your side with the affected side up

The main purpose of sleeping on the side is to avoid compressing the affected side and prevent the blood circulation of the affected side from being blocked to reduce the adhesion and inflammation of the shoulder joint on the affected side.

  • Sleep on your back

Although shoulder pain sufferer can choose to sleep on the side, but it’s more recommended to sleep on your back. Because when you are lying on the side, even if the affected side is not compressed, the shoulder joint on the affected side will be under a certain amount of pressure, and the shoulder joint is in a certain adducted and internally rotated position for a long time, it may aggravate the inflammation of the shoulder joint, resulting in a gradual decrease in the range of motion of the shoulder joint.

When sleeping on your back, the shoulder joints are relatively relaxed, and it is easy to cover the shoulder joints with clothing in this position to ensure the warmth of the inter-joint joints. In addition, it is recommended that you should wear pajamas when sleeping to ensure the warmth of the shoulder joints.

2. Choose the right pillow

Basically, patients with neck and shoulder pain should not choose a pillow that is too high or too low when sleeping, but to make you feel comfortable. The pillow should support and protect the cervical vertebra under your neck. At the same time, the pillow should not be too hard or too soft, so as not to cause stiffness and spasm of the muscles.

3. Make a hot compress before going to bed

By using a hot towel or other hot compress, you can improve blood circulation in the shoulder, speed up the removal of inflammatory factors and pain factors to relieve pain, and allow you to sleep better.

4. Do some moderate exercise during the day

Do some yoga or other gymnastics that involve swinging your arms regularly during the day. These exercises are all good exercises for the shoulder joints. And you should be noted that although the effect of exercise is very good, it is also necessary to pay attention to exercise in moderation and not excessive.


The tips above can help you sleep better with shoulder pain. But you still need systemic therapy. Conventional treatments like infrared, traction, and surgery (if necessary) can reduce joint pressure, loosen soft tissue, and eliminate inflammatory. On the other hand, do some stretching exercises such as elastic band training to release local soft tissues, improve curvature, promote blood circulation, enhance muscle strength and maintain joint stability. Only in this way can cure your shoulder pain.