What Pillows You Need to Relieve Neck Pain

What Pillows You Need to Relieve Neck Pain

There are some key factors that cause cervical spine problems, and your neck pain may result from:

  • Muscle tension: Excessive muscle strain caused by holding a movement for a long time;
  • Joint wear and tear: Caused by problems such as osteoarthritis;
  • Nerve compression: Long-term bowing leads to the disappearance of the natural physiological curvature of the cervical spine, resulting in compression of nerves;
  • Soft tissue injury: Whiplash injury caused by strong vibrations;
  • Other diseases: Such as rheumatoid arthritis;

Studies have shown that a proper pillow can effectively relieve your cervical pain. What kind of pillow is best for the neck pain sufferers? We can see how the pillow can solve those 5 problems listed above. Above all, if your neck pain was caused by diseases (the fifth question), you require medical intervention. After all, the pillow is not a medical product, it can only help you recover. Therefore, a good pillow plus good habits and maintenance, the cervical pain caused by the first four problems can be alleviated.

Part 1. What material do you need to choose?

1. Latex Pillow

The latex material is made from the milky sap of a rubber tree that grows in tropical climates. What makes these types of pillows so popular is their ability to maintain support and rebound, provide amazing support for your neck and back, and the ability to stay cool in bed. They are one of the few natural pillow materials.

2. Memory foam pillow

Memory foam is a man-made material. It is mainly composed of polyurethane and some additional materials. Your head can sink into the memory foam pillow and create a depression that fits the shape of your head and neck specifically, which is why it's so popular today. This material can provide you with a better sense of wrapping and support. And it’s usually suitable for back and side sleepers as it is not easy to move.

3. Buckwheat pillow

Buckwheat is made from chaff. Toast the buckwheat husks to remove field dust before stuffing them into pillow cases. Since they are all natural buckwheat mats, there is no smell of any chemicals, and you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals when you sleep on it.

4. Organic cotton pillow

Cotton is a natural filler like buckwheat and latex, and it’s easy to find in any store. Cotton pillows are naturally soft, hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. Also, it does not retain any odor, unlike the synthetic material such as memory foam. Besides, any sleeping position is suitable.

5. Down pillow

Down pillows are known for its light and fluffy touch. They are often compared to organic wool and organic cotton pillows, with down pillows being more expensive and having better bulk. Compared to other types, down pillows could last longer than many other fillers. They are generally recommended for sleeping on your back and on your stomach (not suitable for sleeping on your side).

In general, for neck pain sufferers, latex pillow and memory foam pillow are more recommended. They can give your neck better support and help relieve neck and back pain.

Part 2. Pillows that suitable for different sleeping positions.

For back sleepers, the pain is most common in the neck and shoulders, and you will often hear these people complain of back pain. The biggest cause of the pain is the pressure on the back when sleeping in different positions. If you use a pillow that doesn't provide maximum support for back sleepers, it can put pressure on the neck and spine, leading to back stiffness after a night. Therefore, we recommend high & low particle pillow or wave pillow for back sleepers.

For side sleepers, the key to side sleeping is that the pillow must have good shape and resilience and keep the filling from moving easily. We recommend butterfly or heart-shaped pillows for side sleepers.

Final thoughts

Most people sleep about 8 hours a day. An unreliable pillow can destroy your head, neck and shoulders. Pick the right pillow has been overlooked by human for a long time, but having a high-quality pillow in your bed can be very helpful for a deep and comfortable sleep. This can have a very positive effect on your long-term physical health.

Last but not the least, remember that no single product can replace a doctor! If your cervical spine is really sick, you need to get the right treatment.