Memory Foam Pillow vs Latex Pillow:Which is Better

memory foam vs latex

As the name suggests, the essential difference of memory foam pillow and latex pillow is the material, and latex is softer than memory foam. If the pillow is made of natural latex or a higher content of latex, it can be soft with a good support as well. If you have questions about buying a latex or memory foam pillow and want to know which is better, read the article below.

1. The material of latex is relatively environmentally friendly, especially the natural latex. The pillow made of pure natural latex has excellent antibacterial and mite removal effects, which is quite suitable for people who have high requirements for anti-mite and sterilization. In addition, although latex pillow is very soft, it still has a good support, which is suitable for people who like to sleep on soft pillows.

2. The advantage of the memory foam pillow is that it can absorb the pressure of the cervical spine and relieve the pain of cervical spine. It helps maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine. Due to its professionalism in cervical spine repair, the memory foam material is very suitable for people with cervical spine diseases. It can help users to repair cervical spine during sleep and effectively relieve cervical spine discomfort caused by strain.

3. In terms of the smell, the newly produced memory foam pillow has a slight smell, but it is harmless to the human body, and the smell will disappear in about 3-5 days. While the pillow made of real natural latex has a strong latex smell, which will gradually fade in 3 to 6 months, but there will always be a faint latex smell that will not disappear. Therefore, if you are very sensitive to smell, it is recommended to choose a memory foam pillow.

4. In terms of service life, latex materials have a natural weakness, that is, they age quickly. The latex material will come into contact with the air and be oxidized. After oxidation, the surface will easily fall off small flakes and produce peculiar smell. Then the pillow will become hard and cannot support the cervical spine anymore. Although under normal circumstances, it is recommended to replace the pillow every 2 to 3 years to prevent bacterial growth and aging, but if the pillow has begun to age before this, it is not good for the cervical spine.

5. Memory pillows are slow rebound. It has a high degree of fit with your neck and has a certain temperature sensitivity. While latex pillows are fast rebound. It can be more supportive and the ability of moisture absorption with anti-mite and antibacterial effect.


Which is better: Memory foam pillow or latex pillow? Actually, it is hard to say which pillow is better, since it should be determined according to the needs of individuals. If you just select a soft pillow for daily usage and don't have special requirements, both memory foam pillows and latex pillows are fine. However, if you buy a pillow to better relieve neck pain and release cervical pressure, memory foam pillows are recommended.